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Codeigniter 3 Php 8 Errors

A list of incompatibility issues related to Codeigniter 3 using Php 8 Sessions issues Sessions and flashdata:system/libraries/Session/Sessions.php go to line 418 and change the code below from this: to this: ini_set(): Session ini settings cannot be changed A PHP Error was encounteredSeverity: WarningMessage: ini_set(): Session ini settings cannot be changed after headers have already been […]

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Exporting Google Site 2021/2022

A client of mine created a mockup of his website, I needed to use the images and content from the google site layout into the new project. Having to preview the site on google sites was tedious enough and I still needed to get the images onto my local dev enviroment. Although its pretty straight […]

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change woocommerce default placeholder image

Code snippet to change the default image of woocommerce placeholders. Add this code the the functions.php of the parent or child theme or install the code snippets plugin and copy and paste the code into a new snippet

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Masjid Salaah Time table

This was a quick project for a Salaah (prayer) time table screen. It is a basic program that displays the following information: Salaah times (Fajr, Thurh, Asr, Magrib, Esha and Jumuah) Athaan, Iqaamah and the next days Athaan time Sunrise, Zawaal, and Sunset The name of the Masjid in arabic and english The english and […]

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Trading Calculator

Trading stocks and commodities. This form calculates profit based on an original investment where the profit is re-invested over x months, similar to compound interest. View form to calculate

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