This was a quick project for a Salaah (prayer) time table screen. It is a basic program that displays the following information:

  • Salaah times (Fajr, Thurh, Asr, Magrib, Esha and Jumuah)
  • Athaan, Iqaamah and the next days Athaan time
  • Sunrise, Zawaal, and Sunset
  • The name of the Masjid in arabic and english
  • The english and islamic date
  • A digital and analogue clock
  • A custom message

It includes a dashboard to manage the time table and to set some basic layout options.

There are 7 designs/layout options to choose from but a custom layout can be done quite easily.

To get this up and running, you need a monitor, any laptop with an hdmi output, an hdmi cable and probably a tv wall bracket.

This application is available for free for anyone who is interested.

Some of the layout options:

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