All web developers or web designers have an arsenal of tools, one of these tools on the top of the list would be an FTP program. Although all web hosting providers offer some sort of a file uploader like Cpanel, Plesk, WHM, these are generally tedious to use and less convenient than a locally installed FTP program.

A list of FREE FTP programs:


This is the most popular FTP program by far, Its easy to install and simple to use. Fillzilla was first available for Windows exclusively but now its available for Mac as well.


A free lightweight FTP program thats gets the job done.The look and feel of WINSCP is very similar to Filezilla. Whats nice about WINSCP is that it will automatically detect a Filezilla installation and import all the server credentials already stored. If you manage several domains/websites, this feature is a blessing.


A good alternative to Filezilla and some might argue that it is a more superior product. Cyberduck has more bells and whistles compared to most free FTP clients but personally I never need to use them. Like WinSCP, Cyberduck also detects Filezilla installations and imports website usernames and passwords as bookmarks.

Regardless of your preference, these tools work well and they make your life as a developer or designer far more easier, send some love around and make a small donation in appreciation for the effort these developers put in.

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