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The hear say, I say and you say of the Web.

About me: I am a recreational [slash] amateur freelance web-developer a copy and paste graphic designer and online marketer.

I work in a totally unrelated industry but I dabble here and at when I find the time.

I have developed a hand full of websites for local businesses and clubs, Ive designed an odd logo here and there and I've had some success with Adwords and organic SEO.

This is where I discuss my challenges and make notes of things that have benefited me along the way,

English is the only language I speak, I can greet you in Afrikaans but thats about it!

On a scale of 1 to 10, my writing skill probably scores a 3. I dont expect you to learn anything valuable here but look around, Ive rumbled and ranted quite a bit.

If you feel like saying HI, or have a question for me, find a contact form on this website somewhere, send me a message and I will definitely respond.

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